Exciting times. On Sunday May 2nd the South African Government announced a major U-turn regarding its policy on canned lion hunting and lion farming. There will now be a process of legal challenges to this policy change which can be expected to run for years rather than months before the new policy becomes law. Sadly, based on past precedents these challenges may prevent the new policy ever becoming law. Lions, Bones & Bullets will be released to a global audience while this process is ongoing, and the film will play a major role in helping to turn the policy announcement into a statute. Our World Festival Premiere on June 21st is fast approaching, and both these events are spurring us to work ever harder on the impact campaign and distribution plan which will carry the film forward for the coming months and years.

Our aim is to keep lion breeding, wildlife farming, and international wildlife trade in the centre of global attention as well as to provide support for the South African Government as it encounters efforts to stop their new policy becoming law.

We are following a three-line approach. Firstly, we are negotiating with some of the world’s leading factual distribution companies, and should soon reach an agreement which will result in mainstream global broadcast later this year. As an independent, rather than a commissioned film, we cannot set broadcast dates ourselves, but will do everything we can to secure release as soon as possible.  Secondly, we are trying to retain community screening and educational rights so that we can reach communities involved in, and affected by, wildlife issues and the lion bone trade. And on a wider level these screenings will also be released to influence regulation, enforcement, and both the supply and demand ends of the wildlife trade equation. Our third line is to do everything we can to support Minister Barbara Creecy by positioning the film to play significant education and awareness roles which will show why the new policy is the right one for South Africa and its people. The film shines a light on many of the factors that will have played a part in informing Minister Creecy’s recent decision.

Whenever there is demand there will be those ready to satisfy it. This is as true for the legal and illegal trades in wildlife as it is in any other supply and demand situation. The difference is that lion, rhino, and elephant populations can’t match the demand so are heading for extinction in the wild, whereas with TV’s, cellphones, t-shirts and other goods manufacturers can simply increase supply.  The Lions, Bones and Bullets team is actively discussing private screenings of the film in several Asian countries which form the market for lion bones and other wildlife products. This is our contribution to try and affect the consumer end. To achieve this we plan to have the film translated into several languages including Vietnamese and Chinese. We have started a crowd funding campaign on KickStarter to pay for this which you can support here: www.lionsbonesbullets.info/translate.

Due to the film’s genuine investigative approach, and the depth and breadth of the information covered, as we said earlier, we are confident that community screenings are another area where the film can make an important contribution to education and awareness of the issues involved in the complex lion breeding jigsaw puzzle. We will plan tours of community screenings that will be hosted by influencers, charities, and other entities. Should you be interested in hosting virtual or physical screenings of Lions, Bones & Bullets please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us to learn more, and to be put on the list of those we will contact when mainstream distribution allows us to proceed.

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