Jackson Wild 2021 Winner Laurel

Every journey has its stages and Lions, Bones & Bullets took two giant steps recently. In September we signed an exclusive global distribution contract with My Octopus Teacher distributor, Off the Fence. Appointing the right distributor was always going to be a key decision, and we are confident we now have the right partner to take the film to a worldwide audience. The appointment of Off the Fence followed many months of research into several distributors, then a short list, and finally the negotiations that led to contract signature.  

The word “exciting” is so overused these days that it has become devalued, but it was genuinely exciting, and something of a relief, to enter a partnership with a highly accomplished, respected, and well-known global distributor. Soon after signing we got a TOP SECRET message from the organisers of the Jackson Wild Media Awards which said we had been selected as Finalists in two categories – Educational and Informational, and Presenter Led, and in the Presenter Led category the other two finalist films were both David Attenborough, so no pressure there! 

We all felt that just for LBB to be selected as a Finalist was wonderful, but perhaps the best part was that we have always believed in the film and given it our all, and now we knew that others believed in it too. And not just any others, the Jackson Wild Media Awards are billed as being the wildlife/natural history film Oscars. Next came the nail biting, wondering, and hoping and then we got another TOP SECRET message from Jackson…….. we had WON! Lions, Bones and Bullets had won the Educational/Informational film category, and being second to Attenborough in the other category wasn’t too bad either!

Lions, Bones & Bullets has always had the three of us, and my wife Jacqui in the background, at its core. But the film only exists, and is what it is, due to the generous and unwavering help and support of our donors, paid and pro-bono helpers, friends, fans, and supporters. So while we have accepted the award, it is really an award for everyone who has been involved in the film so far. A huge thank you to you all.

The next giant step on the journey will be the start of broadcasting, and we now approach this stage with more confidence than ever. 

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